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Treat yourself to a Soul Bath

Water heals.

Water connects.

Water will take you back home.....when you surrender in the arms of a Watsu master.

A magical training course in Poland not only imbued me with new aquatic bodywork skills and watery inspiration, but it took me on a deep, inner journey, to a place where my body no longer existed, to a silent, dreamy place of pure love, contentment and peace.

A five minute Watsu Free Flow flew me to the heavens, direct to the home of my soul, leaving my body, with its aches, tensions and stresses in the ripples and silky caress of the warm water.

I was sinking deep, floating downwards into the silent weightless water. And yet my face never met the water, constantly observed and cradled in the arms of my Watsu giver.

Perfect, tranquil stillness.....without breath, no restriction of any sort, no movement even.....calm, easy Being. And yet my body was travelling through the water, stretching, undulating in the arms of my Watsu giver, who attentively guided and assisted my body as it released and chose the direction it wanted to take.

Caressed, nurtured, rocked and a pool of love.

It feels like there are a million loving arms wrapping around you.

And yet, there is simply warm water and the professional arms of your Watsu giver, steadying, supporting and guiding....

The feelings, sensations and emotions created by a Free Flow Watsu do not equate to the physical reality of what actually happens. It almost feels uncomfortable watching a Watsu practitioner in action. You cannot possibly understand the deep healing and transformation that takes place during this beautiful practice through watching.

Watsu is a Soul Bath that everyone should experience.....

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