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Video Classes

We have compiled a selection of video classes, both Kundalini & Hatha, for anyone who wants to supplement their existing yoga practice at home. If you don't feel ready to participate in our live classes a monthly subscription (£9.50/month) to our Video Class Channel could be the option for you.

It is unique in that you can experience two very different paths of yoga (classic Hatha & the more unusual and rare Kundalini
 ) and it also includes a Mini Series Collection, if you are short on time, with healing yogi remedies and practice for many common ailments - such as sleep problems, headache & migraine, lower back and shoulder pain. Click on the Video Class Channel below to subscribe now.

All these videos and more are also available if you become a Full Member with our exceptional value Home Yogi Members Area package (£19.95/month) which provides unlimited access to all video classes as well as full access to all our live zoom classes.


If you missed our online Beyond Summer Workshop you can purchase the recorded event here and enjoy the meditations, asanas, Ayurvedic wisdom and beetroot curry demonstration at home in your own time.