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Retreats & Workshops

Giving yourself time to reflect, to learn more about yourself, is an essential part of your self-care programme. It is during a retreat that you can bring about deep change, break habits and experience happy, healthy living.


Healing with Ayurveda Retreat

If you are seeking change, healing or simply time to reflect and care about yourself, this full immersion into Ayurvedic healing is the retreat for you.

  Louise creates a personalised & boutique retreat experience that ensures healthy transformation, as well as creating wonderful memories & stories.

Please read the testimonials & enjoy the pics


A Door to the Soul Retreat

A time for contemplation.

This intimate retreat gives you time to be. If you are at a cross roads in your life, unsure which road to take. If stress and anxiety are threatening to take over your very being, you may want to consider this very special Sri Lankan retreat.



Louise creates more in-depth workshops from time to time, both online and live at the Hall in Bleasby.

They provide an opportunity to explore themes more deeply, and sometimes include cookery demonstrations.

One Day Retreat

If time and budget does not allow the full 10 day

Sri Lankan experience, this one day retreat is worth booking as part of your self-care programme.

Yoga, meditation, massage treatment, Watsu, good food.....this is happy, healthy living. 

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