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Healing with Ayurveda
Palm Trees
Reception View
Barberyn Beach Ayurveda Resort
Reception area
Friendly faces
Welcome to my room
Comfy bed
Yoga Shala
Morning Yoga
End of practice
Yoga at Barberyn
Yoga on the beach
Sea views
Salt water pool
Sea play
Head to the Pool
Preparing Remedies
Herbal Garden
Herbal Garden
Ayurvedic Treatments
Dietary plan
Using Hands
Heart Food
Green soup
Ayurvedic Juice
Eating with Hands
Clay Pots
Breakfast Fruit
Banana & curd
Coconut shell spoons
Ayurvedic Lunch
Poolside Fruit
Watsu Preparation
Watsu Sri Lanka Yoga retreat
Cookery Class with Karuna
Cookery Class with Karuna
Cookery Class with Karuna
Cookery Class with Karuna
Cookery Class with Karuna
Cookery Class with Karuna
Cookery Class with Karuna
Cookery Class with Karuna
Sri Lankan food
Cookery Class
Cookery Class
Cookery Class
Cookery Class with Karuna
Buying Spices
Galle Fort Surprise
Trip to Galle Fort
Trip to Galle Fort
Peace Pagoda Temple
Peace Pagoda temple
Peace Pagoda Temple
Peace Pagoda Temple
Peace Pagoda Temple
Peace Pagoda Temple
Peace Pagoda Meditation
Feeling Alive
Peace Pagoda
Boat Trip
Grinding cinnamon
Grinding Cinnamon
Making cinnamon
On Cinnamon Island
Cinnamon Island
Cinnamon Island
Temple Visit day
Sri Lanka retreat Temple visit
Temple visit
Reverend Chandimar Temple Visit
Reverend Chandimar Temple Visit
Reverend Chandimar Temple Visit
Reverend Chandimar Temple Visit
Reverend Chandimar temple visit
Reverend Chandimar Temple Visit
Reverend Chandimar Temple Visit
Reverend Chandimar's Birthday
Reverend Chandimar's Temple Visit
Wijaya Beach
Visit to the Turtle Sanctuary
Visit to the Turtle Sanctuary
Swimming with the turtles
Sri Lanka retreat seaside
Unawatuna beach
King Coconut
Street side Fruit seller
Sri Lanka tuk-tuk
Sunset with Louise
Sunset meditation
End of retreat Gift
Retreat smiles
River trip
Sri Lanka retreat alms giving
Sri Lanka Retreat Smiles

"Highly recommend this retreat! Such a phenomenal experience and investment in myself. This program was so carefully crafted and arrived at the perfect time to up my game of self-care. When I came back I found I was more tuned in and confident ....I'm such a work in progress but through this carefully crafted programme it worked its magic. So much love and gratitude for Immortelle." 

Lou d'Allura. July 2018

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  • To resolve health issues - weight, skin, recurring infections, sleep, digestive, depression, skeletal...

  • To change old habits and patterns that are no longer serving you

  • To feel rejuvenated and energised

  • To connect to your Self and feel free to be yourself

  • To feel more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been

  • To connect with nature and yourself by disconnecting from expected routines

  • To find a place where you can restore clarity of mind and heart

  • To de-stress and de-clutter your mind 


Then read on…..

Would you like
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Full Description of your Retreat 
10 Night Healing with Ayurveda Retreat in Weligama, Sri Lanka (£2500 pp)

New Retreat Dates are yet to be confirmed

This retreat is a healing, transformational ten days of cleansing your mind and body from toxins, old habits and patterns. The retreat is intimate, personal and adapted to your healing needs. Louise, along with a team of Ayurvedic doctors and therapists, adapt their course of yoga, Ayurvedic treatments and meals to suit each individuals requirements, resulting in transformational healing benefits for every participant.

The blend of Kundalini kriyas, meditations, mantra, Hatha Asanas and personalised Ayurvedic treatments, subtly move you closer to your heart, to your Self, away from fear towards love. Stresses, tensions, old patterns and pains are released, boosting confidence, self-worth and self-love, allowing an overflowing of joy. 
If you are looking to lose weight, resolve any lingering or recurring health issues that conventional medicine is unable to resolve, the panchakarma treatment with personalised herbal medicines, all monitored closely by highly trained doctors, is guaranteed to set you on the path to recovery.
The process is gentle and compassionate, personal and guided, tailored to suit you and your healing needs. You will be held and supported in loving and professional hands in this sacred and safe retreat space.

I had the most magical time here. I feel like a new person. So much more peace in my heart, and I feel more steady with so much more energy. xx

Anna Shawe December 2021

Peace Pagoda Visit

The combination of Barberyn's Ayurvedic practice and Louise's teachings make for a very restorative and healing time. I can't recommend this retreat enough!

Clare December 2022


What a fabulous adventure it turned out to be. A magical experience that will stay with me forever.  The generosity of spirit shown by everyone made the trip magical. Ayubowan.

Jackie Chilvers July 2019

Awesome retreat!!! I knew it was going to be good but it exceeded my expectations...... I never felt so good. Louise's teaching alongside  Ayurvedic treatments thoroughly rewired body and soul. Wonderful experience. Would highly recommend.

Asha December 2019

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Your Daily Schedule
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Ayurvedic Buffet Lunch
Food plays a very important role in our Retreats. All healing begins with a correct diet for your body-type and a regular meal-time routine, which is why all food is included in the price of your retreat. Each meal is carefully selected by Ayurvedic doctors to bring the maximum benefit to each person. 

copious buffet style breakfast is served daily, with fresh juices, Ayurvedic herbal tea, local fruit platters, traditional Sri Lankan Ayurvedic breakfast. This is an important meal. After three hours of yoga you require energy and good nutrition to sustain you for the day ahead. Time is spent eating, digesting and being grateful for the delicious food. We also encourage eating with hands, not cutlery, the Sri Lankan way, as this slows you down and connects you more deeply with the flavours and the food.
Eating with hands Sri Lankan style
Exotic fruits for breakfast
The meals are mainly vegetarian, but occasionally  fresh locally caught fish will be offered. Lunch, like breakfast, is also a substantial meal and again time is spent around the table together, with Ayurvedic doctors on hand to explain the dishes. 


Dinner is a lighter meal, maybe a soup with some boiled vegetables and grilled fresh fish. Occasionally you may be treated to some traditional Sri Lankan sweet delights - pancakes, curd and honey (my favourite!) and of course lots of exotic fruits!
This is not about "dieting" by reducing the amount you eat - you will most definitely not be hungry - this is about showing you how to eat correctly, at the right times , and to feel the difference in your body weight, and most importantly in your energy levels.
Learning to cook these delicious meals is not only an essential part of the retreat, but enormous fun with wonderful Karuna!
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What Makes Our Retreats Special?
Our Sri Lankan retreats feel very special thanks to the warm smiles and care from everyone at the healing centre, a place where you instantly feel at ease, at home, free to wander in bare feet on the immaculate brushed concrete and tiles, share smiles and stories with staff... from groundsmen to reception... just like family.

And when you are at ease, relaxation flows. The beautiful spaces for yoga, the lush abundant grounds for connecting to nature, a home from home place to stay, open to the sounds and sights of Sri Lankan wildlife; this all provides a sacred, special and secure space to let go and begin your transformative journey.

Watsu Water Therapy
The Retreat is hidden away and quiet, perched on the hillside, surrounded by nature, overlooking the Indian Ocean which means you are walking distance from unspoilt, tranquil beaches. 

This place is special... it draws you in, wraps you up in something magical... something that lingers on in your heart and pulls you back again and again.

Why not join Louise and the Barberyn Ayurvedic team in Weligama to experience for yourself the transformative warmth of this very special place? 

All the treatments are deeply healing and personalised for you. The Ayurvedic massages are like no other massage you will have experienced, as the therapists feel your energy and healing requirements without having to say a word! You will never have received such deep care or felt such profound healing than with an Ayurvedic touch.

Watsu water therapy with Louise is a particularly unique and powerful treatment, deepening your ability to relax and let go, to trust and hand over control, releasing both physical and emotional blocks, deeply enhancing your meditative and spiritual experience during the retreat.


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10-night Healing with Ayurveda Retreat in Sri Lanka with Louise Luiggi 
£2500 per person  

 Retreat Dates are yet to be confirmed


Private room accommodation at an Ayurvedic resort located in South West Sri Lanka, next to the beach. En suite bathrooms, mosquito nets, daily supply of mineral water. Free Wifi in rooms.

  • Breakfast, lunch & dinner - Ayurvedic meals to suit your body-type, menus compiled and overseen by Ayurvedic Doctors

  • Louise's Kundalini yoga: 6.00am - 7.30am morning practice, 6pm - 6.45pm evening meditation with Louise.

  • Hatha Yoga Stretch: 7.30am- 8.30am

  • Watsu water therapy

  • Daily Ayurvedic Treatments - consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor & all herbal remedies. A months supply is given to you at the end of the retreat.

  • Swimming pool, towels & loungers

  • Karuna's market shopping and Sri Lankan cookery course

  • Buddhist Temple Visit with Reverend Chandimar

  • Airport Transfer from and to Colombo CMB (100 miles) 

  • Personal programme and recommendations at end of retreat.


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What Next?

If you are ready to begin your Sri Lankan Retreat experience, simply click on Book Now below, and follow the instructions to pay a £500 deposit. This will secure your place.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions :

or call to have a chat, 07815 823155

Maybe you would like to speak with someone who has been on one of our retreats. Let us know and we will connect you.

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