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WE instead of ME

And the lessons keep on coming.

Covid is delivering so many to us at the moment if we would just commit to receiving them. We’re so busy panicking, moaning, shouting at the politicians, neighbours, students…. reacting to our deepest long-hidden fears, that we simply can’t hear the all pervading whispering from our Soul.

The trouble is we just can’t stand being faced with our Self. This is why we desperately yearn to blend and mingle with friends, partners, even work colleagues, to surround ourselves again with other beings, even faceless strangers, just so we can be reassured of our worth.

But Covid is having none of it. We are increasingly pushed into isolation, like being forced to sit in front of a mirror and stare long and hard at the reflection. For many this is desperately uncomfortable.

If you decide to take the route of responding rather than reacting, then you will choose the path of Self and learn how to relate and be with Self. Covid has stripped away your future. In the blink of an eye your plans and projects and everything that you think makes you who you are, have all gone.

So who is left behind? Sitting here, in the Now….the only place that has any value in this Covid controlled world.

What you will begin to realise is that this rather beautiful place of Now is all there ever is, Covid or no Covid. And as you journey deeper within, exploring the place where there is no past or future, you sink into the timeless, untouched by memory or imagination, and realise that this is your natural state of being.

As you use your alone time more wisely, your naturalness and innocence returns, wrapping around you in a cloak of Love. Love of the eternal. Love of Self.

You do not need to be worthy to receive this Love, everyone can receive it because it belongs to us all. We are it, one and the same.

WE instead of ME - Covid’s strongest message and gift for the world .

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