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The Meaning of Healing

I watched with my eyes wide open, the beautiful unfolding and unravelling of two women who gave me their trust to be healed and transformed.

My Heart Awakening Retreat has been a blissful experience, not only for my two dedicated students, but for me as well.

I feel and experience the power of Kundalini Yoga everyday. It is such a blessing to have discovered this way of living that takes you from the concerns of control and survival to the experience of the heart, connected and free. A daily practice as opposed to a sporadic weekly class can shift mountains, and so I knew this 11-day Heart Awakening Retreat in Sri Lanka would have some profound effects.

However, even in my prepared space, I have been mesmerised and filled with joy by the wonders of this magical healing yoga retreat.

Yoga is connection. And when taught with this essence, and with truth, it will melt away the layers of protective barriers, built up over years, even generations. I share the work of this retreat with a very gifted Sri Lankan man / yogi,

who embraces the very essence of healing, just like the lush, medicinal plant-life and vegetation that surrounds us at our retreat centre in Unawatuna (an area blessed with many rare medicinal plants)

The combination of Kundalini Yoga practice, followed by a traditional practice linked to breath, Ayurvedic treatments (with Ranjan), Watsu water therapy in one of the most spectacular pools overlooking the Indian Ocean I have ever practiced in, resulted in rapid transformation!

Quite miraculously, our daily practice allowed us to manifest and embrace the most healing and heart-warming opportunities each day. I had made outline plans for activities, but they were almost not needed, because the energy generated from our daily practice attracted in exactly what we required for healing to unfold;

An invitation to participate in Alms Giving at the House for the Elders....humbling, heart opening, emphasising the importance of seva (selfless service to others)

Cookery lesson with the exuberant and joyful Karuna (the importance of self-love, caring for your body and soul with the food we eat)

Meditation at the Peace Pagoda under the monsoon rain (learning to Listen. To listen deeply, no talking, no social media, no intellectual over-thinking.... )

Multiple opportunities to belly-laugh, like I have never laughed before....and yes, this retreat proved to me once again that laughter is the biggest healer of all!!!

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