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Understanding You

Updated: May 3, 2023

We are becoming overwhelmed with well-being experts giving us the latest technique on how to loose weight, how to put on weight, how to think, how to be happy.... but let me tell you a secret.

Health fads and diets

You have been given everything you need for maximum well-being. The greatest expert of all is You. No one knows You better than yourself. Your only problem is that no one ever told you your body-type, no one ever told you that you are a unique body and mind, that requires its own diet, its own exercise and understanding, and not a mass produced concept to suit every human on the planet. Just like nature, human beings bloom and blossom in their own unique way. Not all flowers and trees are the same, some require more sun than others, some crave water, others want to climb and wander....and human beings are the same because we are related to Nature and the Universe; we are not some separate superior being as some would like us to believe.

Our life relates to the life of the universe. Every individual is a creation of the universal energies of Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth, a combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics and predispositions, a unique phenomenon, a unique personality.

The only assistance you need to set your personal well-being programme moving & allow you to ditch the rows of wellness books on your shelves, is knowledge of who you are.

What is your unique blend of the Elements of Nature? Once you have this information you can thrive, you can give your body and mind exactly what it needs to blossom and grow. You can then repair the damage when you wander away from your Self, because you know what your body & mind needs to put things right. No expensive treatments and fancy diets required. You know. You understand You.

Yoga, Meditation & Breath Work are as important as eating three good meals a day, to keep your body and mind connected, reminding you of your connection to Nature and to your Self, so you can hear the messages and take preventative action before illness and disease can move in.

And that's it. Simple.

Find out your body-type.

And then take care of it, with the right food, with Yoga, Meditation & Love. Lots of Love.

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