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Updated: Aug 6, 2022

I avoid politics. Its systems, power games, falsehoods and narcissist behaviours repulse me. Always have. Always will. Politics is so far removed from the notion of cooperation for the common good, of heart-led principles, as opposed to analytical, manipulative head decisions, that I have for a long time now abandoned any following of the political world. I have benefited enormously from working on my heart, my destiny and that involves living a Truth, supporting others around me and ultimately enriching the lives of people and communities I never get to see far and wide.

However, I am speaking out and venting my anger on the political antics of recent days, months, in fact years, that have highlighted so blatantly the world of untruth, of lies, deception, of an inability to speak or even understand our Truth. It is easy to judge and criticise Boris Johnson for the blatant lies and bumbling nonsense that escapes from his mouth, but can you be brutally honest and say that you live your life with pure heart-led integrity for yourself as well as for others? When you stumble through your days, hating the job you are doing, the people you are working with; hating, criticising and judging, you are also far removed from living your Truth. How many times have you found yourself witnessing an injustice, an unfair decision, even clear cut wrong-doing and yet sit quietly, afraid to rock the boat? Are you able to speak out with grace, humility and Truth, not with violence and hatred, but to speak your Truth with love and compassion and power in order to bring change?

I practice yoga to cultivate my connection to Truth, to bring self awareness through self enquiry, and ultimately to connect to the bigger picture, to others, to Nature, to the Universe. And this is the purpose of yoga. And yet here is another Truth that has become manipulated, twisted and used to create a Western business empire, exploiting the bits of yoga that the West likes, and discarding the parts that don't fit the business model. Yoga is a life-style that is practiced as much off the mat as it is in a yoga studio, and it involves being engaged in the world, doing what we can to end suffering, by speaking and living our Truth. What does yoga mean to you? Colourful shiny leggings and OM emblazoned t-shirts, dance routine stretches to funky playlists? Or using your self-care, strength and knowledge to care for others and end suffering?

The Truth is something we are ALL unfamiliar with, unless we are fortunate enough to have found yoga, or be guided by a spiritual teacher, relative, role-model. In a culture that honours the head above the heart, that is focused on ego competition and personality as opposed to being led by the soul, the Truth that lies in the heart can be hard to find. Our sad politicians have taken sooooooo long to take action in the face of multiple blatant lies, and many others have even defended the untruths. This does not surprise me, because the more we move away from our Divine self and live in the head, we end up living in a world that is involved with nothing more than the material and power.

Maybe I should suggest Boris joins my online beginners Kundalini class on Wednesday mornings now he has a little more time on his hands.

Sat Nam

Sat = Truth

Nam =Name

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