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Loving Inner Me

Updated: May 1, 2023

Without self knowledge, we shall never know the spark of Divinity within us. We're told to move from the personality masks that we wear in this world to our real face. Because our authentic face is the most beautiful.

What does all this mean?

"This is me!" I hear you cry.

We all feel real, convincing ourselves that we are giving to this world the best of us. And yet how much time do you spend polishing up the external part of you? From your hair, clothes, skin right down to the car you drive, the perfect matching throw on the sofa? We are conditioned to define ourselves and others by these realities. Years and years of conditioning for many of us have led us to focus on what we have and what we do, rather than on looking inside, exploring the Inner Self.

In spite of all this attention on ourselves, particularly caring about our health via this external route, downing the vitamins, joining the gym, banning pizza until Friday, there remains an underlying dissatisfaction. You can probably not even put your finger on it, but as Henry David Thoreau famously called it, we are living "lives of quiet desperation". If you are truly honest with yourself, you can sense that something is still not quite right, that there remains an unease, a sense of remaining unfulfilled in spite of all this effort. We grasp at whatever pleasures and material benefits life has to offer, never fully satisfied, so we are endlessly looking for more.

How many times have you returned from the "holiday of a lifetime" to find yourself planning the next one the very next day?

This is perhaps the time to shout "stop!" and contemplate on the missing part of you, the part of the puzzle that can make you feel whole. As Rumi says:

"Enough is enough! How long can the Ocean abide in a water skin!"

Make the decision to polish up the internal part of you (as well as the can still enjoy the outer beauty as you do this work!) It simply means cultivating compassion for self. There are a number of ways you can begin to love the Inner You:

  • Those of you who regularly practice Kundalini with me have been doing this inner work, perhaps unwittingly. It is a yoga of awareness that purifies and shifts our energy progressively to our higher Self, to our creative consciousness. It requires commitment and a steady devotion to loving Self, but it guarantees huge transformation, in record time. It's the direct route Yoga. Trial a free online class

  • Ayurveda is a holistic healthcare science that addresses your health from the perspective of the Inner You, as opposed to bombarding external symptoms. It purifies and cleanses from the inside out, shifting the Ama (toxins) that have built up over the years, which if left untreated, will create disease and health issues. Combining Kundalini with Ayurveda in a 10 day retreat is like pressing the re-set button. This is a powerful way to create the inner shift needed to set you on a new path. I work alongside a team of Ayurvedic doctors and therapists in Sri Lanka (the home of Ayurveda), who give you a complete internal cleanse - panchakarma - while addressing any health/lifestyle issues you may have. Kundalini meditations & kriyas are carefully selected to suit each individual and their personal needs. Light and space very quickly moves in to your body and mind; heaviness & anxiety moves out. It is a magical transformation:

"I had the most magical time here. I feel like a new person. So much more peace in my heart, and I feel more steady with so much more energy. xx"

  • Give yourself time and space to reflect on your patterns of behaviour. We can often feel stuck in a rut and stay there, unconscious that the rut is of our own making. What pattern of behaviour are you stuck in? Breaking the routine, dedicating time to Self, can be the starting point for getting out of the rut. Maybe my upcoming one day retreat away from everyday distractions, can be the occasion to help you identify these patterns and make changes.

And please message me with any questions, any personal experiences....I love to share and learn.

Sat Nam xxxx

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