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Take Me Away - The Importance of a Yearly Retreat

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

I remember my first yoga retreat - a good excuse to escape for a week with the girls. It was so good I couldn't stop crying! In fact I sobbed. So much stuff I didn't even realise was there poured out. But then, quite surprisingly, I agreed to go again, and again....

I feel the need to explain why going on retreat is not a treat, a little break, a little luxury's a necessity!

A weekly yoga class is fine, something is better than nothing...however, it is somewhat of a tease, opening the door to another way of being. Your body and mind catches a glimpse, but the trouble is, the door is only slightly ajar. Before you have the chance to throw it open and run inside, three Sat Nam's are announcing the end of practice and the door has slammed shut again.

Our day-to-day can become predictable, mundane, ordinary; so much so that our senses are numbed and the tiny wonders of life go unseen. This is the time to shake yourself alive again, leap out of your comfort zone and immerse yourself into a world where time and space are of no importance. Plans soon become irrelevant, or are made to be broken, as life offers up its gifts moment by moment, and you have become still enough to see, to hear, to feel.

A retreat is an invitation to feel life again.

I suppose this is why I am so madly in love with Sri Lanka because it's an island which is alive. Vibrantly alive.

Hearts beat so strongly you can almost hear them, eyes sparkle with the joy of being, mouths smile in recognition of another soul, face to face, nature sings joyously every hour of the day.

As you awaken your body and mind with morning and evening yoga, your heart very quickly begins to beat in tune with this beautiful place. You become One with the people, the place and yourself.

And then the time comes to say goodbye, but you have a lightness of being, the tools to continue your practice once home, and most importantly a deep knowing that you will return next year, to continue your journey of awakening.

I'm heading back again to Sri Lanka in July for the third time, except I will be the one who is teaching, and sharing my love of the island.

There are still places. It's not too late to take a massive leap of faith and choose transformation, choose life.

All the information is on the Immortelle site, but please message me if you want to chat about this life-changing opportunity.

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