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Open your eyes, plug into your heart

Light is returning. Longer days. You can crawl out of your winter hibernation, enveloped in fresh intentions, but effort is still required to keep remembering. Those good intentions will slip in spite of the Sun's efforts to revive us.

Remembering requires commitment. It's a determined effort to cleanse all parts of our being (mind, body and soul) so we can have inner health and inner energy to live from our angelic nature. Yes, there is an inner purity in all humankind. The problem is that it gets veiled, forgotten and it's as if we are sleeping, oblivious to the bad habits we adopt in this numbed state as all the beauty and purity gets lost in the shadows.

The effort includes cleaning up your vibration so you can shine, so that like spiritual salt you can bring out the divine diverse flavours hidden within the recipe of every human soul.

Kundalini yoga can help, but you must first acknowledge that the light and potential for shining exists within you.

As the mystics say:

"The teacher kindles the light, the oil is already in the lamp"

The fire element is the light of our soul. The purpose driving the fire element is to awaken our consciousness and to shine our light. However, the fire element is the most demanding and potentially our most destructive impulse. Unconscious fire expresses as frustration, anger and rage, feeding off drama and conflict. Untamed and undirected fire also expresses as automatic impulses that fuel compulsive and random behaviours.

The lack of fire can be equally devastating. We become depressed, lifeless, hopeless and give up on ourselves and life. There is simply not enough juice to take action.

The trick is to keep our light illuminated and steady. It must not flicker on and off. To avoid both the excesses and deficiencies of the fire element we need consistent life force (helped with regular pranayama and meditation) and auric radiance (most kundalini kriya's work on your aura). The fire at the navel can then rise to awaken the heart, where it is tempered and expresses as compassion and passion for life.

Open your eyes, wake up, and plug in to your beautiful heart.

Kriya taught March 2023

Beginners Cleansing Set



"Help me to open my heart and allow my soul to drink from the Divine Light"

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