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My Mantra Music Highlights

Our last class of 2018 focused attention on gratitude, a frequency that is all about celebrating life.

Singing Birds

Watch wildlife and nature....the dawn chorus of birdlife joyously welcoming another day, a dog wagging its tail in pure delight when you return home, bees contently buzzing as they go about their lives.....all life on this planet Earth is forever celebrating life.

How do we humans express our celebration of life? We think we are celebrating when we down bottles of champagne. It feels like fun, until the following day and then we're unable to celebrate anything, certainly no longer amused by early morning chirping or enthusiastic pets intent on celebrating their life.

The truth lies in the frequency of our hearts and not within the champagne bottle. Our hearts dictate how we celebrate life. Raise the frequency of your heart and in comes a deep sense of gratitude and an influx of love for this incredible gift of life.

It is easy to lose touch with this frequency since many of us have experienced loss, hardship, pain, illness. Dreams sometimes don't work out as we expect and leave us with a profound sense of emptiness. When the mind fixates only on the losses, it makes it impossible to reach this frequency of gratitude that lives deep within our own hearts. You must certainly grieve the losses, but not live there.

Look around at everything and everyone in your life right now. Feel their presence and love. It's an exercise I practice, particularly before sleep, sending out gratitude for those who have touched my day.

Candlelight Yoga At Bleasby Village Hall

As this year draws to an end, I am feeling a huge pang of gratitude for everyone who found their way on to a mat at the Hall in Bleasby and at Balance Studio. I thank you all; including those of you who tried, but did not connect with Kundalini at this time, those who return, those who flit in and out of practice. Your presence and energy has uplifted me and helped me to learn, grow and glow. I am grateful to you all.

Many of you comment on the music and mantras I use in class, and so as a Christmas gift to you all, here are my top 5 for you to download and use at home;

1. Light of My Soul by Ajeet Kaur

This gorgeous version of the simple mantra I AM, I AM has a profound emotional effect on everyone in class. It's a powerful mantra that hits home, bringing tears often because it reminds us that we are enough. I am not the clothes I wear, the colour of my skin, the salary I earn; I am, I am....

2. Guru Ram Das by Snatam Kaur

This beautiful mantra is part of Aquarian Sadhana and it is one that brings goosebumps and tears every time I hear it and chant it. It is a mantra known for its healing qualities, particularly effective for broken hearts, and for raising the frequency of the heart. Sing it out loud in the shower, in the car, let the tears will do its work.

3. Ardas Bhaee by Nirinjan Kaur

This is the mantra of answered prayers, of moving beyond difficult situations, and gracefully letting go. Choose the pain, hardship, difficulty you want to release and sing this mantra. A mantra for letting go of past....helping you to begin the celebrations of life.

4. Mool Mantra by Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa

Another Aquarian Sadhana mantra, the “Root Mantra,” or the mantra from which all other mantras in the Kundalini Yoga tradition are built. It contains the core, essential truth of creation, and its vibration is so powerful that it can change your fate and help you rewrite your destiny. It's another one of those powerful mantras that sends shudders through your body as chanting reminds your soul of its fundamental Self! Chant away...

5. Antarjaamee by Ajeet Kaur

I often use this beautiful evening prayer for relaxation at evening class. Play this before bed and soothe your body and mind into a deep, healing sleep.

Happy Christmas, Happy Celebrations and I look forward to more sharing and healing in the New Year.

Sat Nam.

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