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40 days & counting

I did say I would become immersed into Sat Kriya beyond the 40 days.... and this has happened. It's like a part of me. No effort is involved in the process. I can hear the rhythmic "Sut Nam, Sut Nam" like the ticking of a clock, sort of in the background as my belly moves in coordination with the sound, almost unconsciously. It's just one. Sound and belly. Belly and sound.

Meanwhile I am floating in the heavens.

I no longer feel my shoulders, almost unaware that my arms are in the air. I feel I need to take this to 31 minutes now because the urge to continue is very strong.

Physically, my energy levels are strong as the lower three energy centres are balancing every day with this simple practice. There is a clarity of mind at the end of every practice which is why I am reluctant to stop. Sat Kriya will be part of my morning sadhana a little while longer.

This is what can happen when you dive into a kriya for 40 days and get to know it, unravel it, allow it to integrate into your being completely. The kriya then takes on a power that is at another level.

If you wish to explore a 40 day kriya, please get in touch, maybe book a consultation with me on zoom and I can guide you towards your best starting point.

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