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Little Miss Sunshine

Just a few seconds into this film, "Little Miss Sunshine" we know it's about dreams -- and illusions.

After an eventful 700-mile journey with her family in a vintage VW van from Albuquerque to Redondo Beach, Olive's dream appears within reach. They approach the Ramada Inn where the beauty pageant is being held, they can see the building from the freeway -- it looks close enough to touch, but they can't find the exit that will actually get them there. That moment has a lot to say, not only about the illusive, ever-shifting concrete landscape of Southern California, where you always seem to be moving down some predefined course but never quite arriving -- and about the elusive nature of those Dreams we all chase, the detours we follow -- and the roads we don't.

"Little Miss Sunshine" shows us a world in which there's a form, a brochure, a procedure, a job title, a diet, a step-by-step program, a career path, a prize, a retirement community, to quantify, sort, categorise and process every human emotion or desire. Nothing exists that cannot be compartmentalised or turned into a self-improvement mantra about "winners and losers."

I laughed out loud and cried all at the same time while watching this film, identifying with the pain and perpetual striving for recognition and success, totally oblivious to the reasons why, or to any real purpose.....simply that back then, I too wanted to be a winner!

Today I realise how crazy this scrambling and hustling really is. Our dreams are so within our reach, the path is so clear, no road blocks or detours required, because we are beautifully complete. We are whole. There are no losers.

Everybody is born with a destiny. Your destiny comes from your Infinite Self. Everyone is born with a special talent. The problem is, you very quickly lose sight of this gift because you are also subject to light and darkness, to destiny and fate. When you base your life on something, that's called destiny. And when the light is gone out of you, and the darkness has come, that's called fate.

As we juggle the experiences of life and become conditioned to the socially accepted pathways, careers and processes of life, we lose our rhythm, get distracted and forget our purpose. We are asleep. When we live our lives asleep we mistake the ego for our Self, our passions for commitments and our lust for love. The secret is to wake up and return to Self, to living consciously, to choosing lifestyle habits that will elevate us so we can pay attention to our gifts.

"To find a pearl dive deep into the ocean

Don't look in fountains

To find a pearl you must emerge

from the water of life always thirsty" Rumi

This is an excellent time to begin diving for your pearl, as the energy of the sun is at its most powerful, its most cleansing and healing. The energy of the sun will feed the nerves of the solar plexus and increase the effectiveness multiple fold of any yoga practice or meditation you carry out. It's an opportunity to cleanse the mind and break through blocks that may have been holding you back for years, even lifetimes. The sun is that vital life force energy that gives us the strength and the will to succeed and achieve our dreams, our destiny, our life purpose. It represents the Self, your personality, your ego, and what makes you unique. It's your identity and how you face the world. It's a very powerful, burning, forceful energy and has a lot of influence in how you interact with this world.

This is why I have created a beautiful practice dedicated to the healing power of our sun - New Beginnings Workshop on the 21st June, or think of it as the Little Miss Sunshine Workshop - Summer Solstice, Solar Eclipse and a New Moon🌞 🌙 🌑 Time for celebration & reflection, healing & cleansing. A Sunshine Kundalini Special!

And a time for you to wake up and start following your dreams.

Register now:

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