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It's A Waiting Game

In June 2017 a beautiful piece of #Corsican land was found with a stream flowing along its border, fig trees and #immortelle flowers everywhere.

"It's perfect" I declared, my eyes raised towards the hot sun and rugged mountains, before excitedly sketching in the dry earth the position of the #yoga shala, the yurts, the main house and the hydro pool.

A cheeky offer was promptly made and immediately accepted. This project was flowing as comfortably and naturally as a Corsican mountain river.

This was all happening at the same time as my #Kundalini yoga teacher training course. Was this coincidence, luck or the transformative power of yoga?

My journal makes interesting reading during this time, describing my invincibility, confidence and calmness in dealing with the daily challenges of relationship, business and teenage son. Daily practice was clearly strengthening nerves and controlling emotions...preparing me for what was to come.

The Corsican project slowed down, almost coming to a grinding halt, as if to declare it could not possibly keep up with such a fast pace. Corsican time, you see, is like no other. Previously, I would have "lost it". Such frustrating obstacles would most certainly have caused me to blow a fuse pre-Stretch Pose, Breath of Fire and Left Nostril Breathing days. Now I wait. No reaction, simply a calm presence waiting for the next step of this journey.

Three suggestions to develop nerves of steel:

1. #BreathofFire is a powerful and rapid method of building strong nerves. Practice daily.

It's a rapid and powerful breath through the nose. Inhalation and exhalation are equal. Listen to the sound of your breath. it will sound like a steam engine going uphill! On each exhalation pull your navel point in toward the back of your spine. On each inhalation release it. This is an easy breath...nothing forced. The muscles dance in rhythm and you stay energised rather than becoming tired.

2. Breathe only through your left nostril for 26 long, slow deep breaths to calm yourself down in any tense situation.

3. If you feel the heat of anger rising inside you, drink a full class of water immediately.

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