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I Am Enough

"I need to make a list" you declare.

"Excellent idea" replies limited human Self.

"Why?" cries limitless great Self

But the question can't be heard, because you're stoically working through the tasks allocated, striking them off with a self-satisfied swipe when the job is complete.

"Stop!" shouts limitless great Self.

For a nano second the advice is heard, but before you can sink into the nothingness, limited human Self is quick to reprimand this do-nothing behaviour, filling your mind with an avalanche of negativity.

"You are so lazy. Do something. Make something happen. If you don't work you will lose everything. Everything. You will be a nobody. No job. No income. No friends or family....."

"You are everything" shouts limitless great Self, "there is nothing to lose because You have everything already" Great Self cries, praying for recognition.

But the shutters are down once again and poor great Self is mouthing the words of advice as if in a nightmare where you shout but no sound is released.

We have been blessed with a gift. It may not feel like a gift, particularly to the unfortunate souls who are ill or battling for their lives, but there is a huge message of growth and re-evaluation for us all to receive if only we could just take some time to pause. The desire to permanently keep ourselves busy and carry on as if nothing has changed is our coping mechanism for the pain and discomfort that this crisis is creating. I say go towards the pain. Now is the the time to understand your shadow, not run away from it. Understand why you are afraid. Where is the fear coming from? You will probably never get an opportunity like this ever again to give yourself a huge shake-up and meet with the sacred every day.

Meet with the sacred everyday

Connect with your limitless great Self by meditating, by doing nothing. Just be and observe. Listen. Give yourself space. Why do you feel uncomfortable doing nothing? Where does the guilt come from? When you break through and hear your limitless great Self's voice of comfort and reassurance, fear will drop away, creativity will will recognise You, you will accept You, and you will know exactly what you need to do, without lists, without the growing stream of advice and recommendations from others, and most importantly without the constant critical voice of your limited human Self.

It may take time before you slow yourself down enough so you can listen, and then hear. But we certainly have lots of that!

We are like stars, stars in the sky, the darker this night the brighter we will shine…”

Allow your light and radiance to shine in the darkest of places, make peace, and let them heal.

I recommend this 11 minute meditation, preferably to be practiced before sunrise, or after sunset.

It is extremely easy to get caught up in negative thoughts, particularly during these chaotic times of crisis.

This Meditation for the Negative Mind has a hugely therapeutic effect because you consciously accept your negative thoughts and then engage them as you inhale to the maximum.

The exhale gives great relief as you expel the thought and offer it up to the Universe for re-cycling.

Continued practice of this meditation replaces your inner darkness with inner light, hope and healing.

Allow the love and light to enter in, and choose to see happiness when it seems darkest.

Make a cup with hands and place at heart centre
Meditation for the Negative Mind

Sit in an easy cross-legged pose.

Make a cup of the two hands with both palms facing up, and the right hand resting on top of the left hand. The fingers will cross over each other.

Put this cup at the level of the heart centre. Elbows are relaxed at the sides.

Your eyes are slightly open and look down towards the hands.

Inhale deeply in a long steady stroke through the nose. Exhale in a focused stream through rounded lips. You will feel the breath go over the hands.

Let any thought or desire that is negative, or persistently distracting, come into your mind as you breathe. Breathe the thought and feeling in, and release it with the breath as you exhale out.

After 11 minutes, exhale completely and suspend the breath out as you lock in the navel point. Concentrate on each vertebra of the spine until you can feel it all the way to the base, as stiff as a rod. Then inhale powerfully, exhale completely, and repeat the concentration.

Repeat this final breath 3 - 5 times.

Then relax completely.

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