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Feeling your Wellness

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

I do struggle to understand why so few people know about Ayurveda, the majority having never heard this word before. At a time when we are more aware of our health and wellbeing than ever before, with gyms galore enticing us in with the latest workout craze, nutritionists confusing us with weight loss diets, vegetarian versus vegan, fasting, anti-inflammatory diet, Mediterranean wonder we are confused. No wonder we remain unhealthy.

Ayurveda means the study of life. It is an ancient healthcare system that embraces an understanding of the entire Universe and your place within it. It is holistic, exploring your wholeness, your uniqueness and how you can thrive on this Earth with constancy and consistency. There are no fads and trends in Ayurveda, which probably explains why it remains hidden in the West. We do love our trends, particularly if they are led by celebrity. When we follow the crowd blindly or intellectualise our wellbeing by absorbing studies & data, we are running away from feeling well because we are not tuning in to our bodies. We must learn to FEEL our wellness.

Do you know what feeling well FEELS like? Probably not. Do you wake up feeling groggy, have trouble sleeping, experience bloating, burping, heartburn, frequent colds and illness, skin rashes & irritations, constipation, lethargy, running out of energy by the afternoon? My list could go on, but I know that for many of you these signs are nothing unusual, in fact you will probably say they are normal. These are considered minor inconveniences that are a part of life. Aren't they?

Well, no. These are the signs that something is off. You have just got so used to these symptoms that they are accepted as normal.

When you learn how to experience your health rather than thinking about it too much, or following blindly the latest craze, you will begin to connect with your body & mind, and with the practices that serve them. And quite miraculously you will suddenly FEEL very well.

Ayurveda understands that every person is unique. One size does not fit all. We all need different things to keep us balanced; different foods, seasonal guidelines, breathing techniques, different forms of exercise. Ayurveda gives you the framework so you can understand your body & mind, and recognise those unique needs that are exclusive to you. No one health statistic or report, no celebrity health and beauty solution will ever work for you. They are simply ad hoc isolated facts removed from the whole. You are an individual made up from a blend of the universal elements (water, air, fire), just like the plants, flowers and animals, which require different forms of nourishment and care in order to flourish.

Once your body-type is revealed the move towards feeling well is the most natural and liberating experience ever.

In Ayurveda, feeling well means:

  • a balanced appetite, free of strong cravings

  • easy and regular elimination of faeces, urine, sweat and tears

  • glowing skin, free of acne and rashes

  • even energy throughout the day

  • clear eyes that have a sparkle

  • a pain-free body and mind, free of aches and pains

  • sound and consistent sleep

  • a sense of confidence

  • a good memory and a clear mind

  • enthusiasm for life

  • a full range of emotions that move easily

How many of these can you tick?

You may want to be guided towards a healthcare pathway that will enable you to tick ALL these signs of wellbeing. I suggest you book your Ayurvedic Consultation with our Ayurvedic doctor Ranjan now.

A Follow-up Consultation may be what you need if you have wandered off the path and need a gentle reminder of the way back.

When you begin to experience the joy of feeling well, lightness and freedom will sweep over you and your life, as you no longer obsess over your diet, the foods you are eating, the exercise you should or should not be doing. You will be FREE to be YOU. The one and only YOU.

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