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Why are we so scared of change? What are we trying to avoid? Shake-up and change appears to be coming in thick and fast at the moment, but the fact is, life is all about change. That's what it is. If you assess your own life from start to finish it becomes pretty apparent that nothing stays the same for very long. There's a constant movement of change, of moving on, from the people in your life, to places, work and home, always evolving and growing. And yet we persist in the battle to resist. We block the flow in fear of the waterfall, avoiding the scary white knuckle ride in a desperate attempt to stop life doing its thing. And yet life's thing is nothing but change. Take a lesson from Nature; it's got this flowing life pattern completely in hand. We marvel at its constant cycle, evolving, moving, rotating, blooming, dying, transforming, all in a harmonious, graceful process with no resistance to the ebb and flow of life. We plant seeds, watch them grow, blossom, wither away and return again in the Spring, and yet we are incapable of accepting this glorious cycle of growth and evolution for ourselves. When we remain disconnected from Mother Earth, from the whole and this vast eternal Universe, our separateness will create a fear that will paralyse us, preventing us from blossoming and manifesting our full potential.

So marvel at your uniqueness, your miracle of Being and claim your right to this life by feeling alive, doing the scary things, allowing the changes in through the front door and giving them a welcome hug.

There is only one guaranteed certainty. Our life in physical form on this Earth will come to an end. Death is our certainty. Do you want to avoid scary things, to avoid life itself, so you can arrive at death safely?

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