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The Essence of Woman

The end of a 10 day retreat in Sri Lanka contemplating and exploring the nature of woman, helping students find their inner mastery by elevating, awakening and achieving oneness with all aspects of their womanhood.

These teachings are at the heart of Kundalini which is why I am sharing them again here.

It's true that in Sri Lanka, the warmth and vibrancy of Mother Nature brings home the message of being one with who you are so easily. Read these words. Contemplate. Meditate. Journal. Practice the recommended kriya's and chant the mantras. Please send your questions, observations and messages.

Woman's powers are subtle and spiritual and come from within. How she manifests, creates, changes, attracts prosperity and wealth, how she influences her environments cannot be understood through analysis or observation. When her inner state is confused, chaotic and unconscious, she creates misery for herself and others. When a woman is connected to her inner woman, she can create magic and miracles.

The control approach is the source of woman's pain and disempowerment. Attempting to get a grip on emotions and feelings leads to more inner chaos. The oneness approach, however, helps woman find her true identity, value, power and beauty. This is the approach that should be cultivated through daily practice, with the goal of awakening, bringing into awareness, befriending, shining light upon, and becoming one with that which is hidden, afraid, suppressed or asleep. You are not judging something as bad or trying to eliminate anything, you are striving to wake up to an inner reality that is rich, authentic and real.

Woman's inner mastery is about becoming one with your soul, your inner woman, your little girl, your inner teenager and your Mother Goddess power. To do this you must become consciously at one with both polarities of your soul:

  1. You must be at one with the stillness, silence, neutrailty and peace of your stable polarity and the Universal Space. This you achieve through calming the mind with meditation.

  2. You must become one with your body, your feelings, your emotions, Mother Earth and the Infinite Flowing Force. This you achieve through shifting energy in your body with rhythmic kriyas & breathwork.

You will find all these subtle aspects of oneness inside yourself. When you reconnect with what appears as your mysterious self, you are no longer controlled by forces outside yourself. You will stop feeling obliged to obey external authorities and you will be able to obey the truth of your inner woman and your soul.

Physical stress and imbalance is a major contributor to woman's disempowerment. This is why linking Kundalini practice with a 10 day cleanse at an Ayurvedic centre assists enormously in re-establishing balance, enabling a more easy connection to your inner woman. If your physical body is wildly out of balance, it is virtually impossible to settle the mind or feel the love beneath your skin.

Living in continual stress and trauma, as many women do in the business, workplace culture of the West, really does not suit a woman's constitution. This is why the majority of women have lost touch with their inner woman. They can't feel the sensations and aliveness within their body due to the high amount of stress running through their veins. This leads to so many problems, such as menstrual irregularities, early and painful menopause, breast and reproductive organ cancers. Stress also weakens a woman's nervous system, taxes her kidneys and glandular system, disturbs her hormonal balance and compromises her intuition. In short, when a woman lives a stressful life, she cannot relax and live in the natural flow of her being.

Appropriate physical exercise is required. Women are not men so it is important to recognise that exercise regimes that suit a man's body are often not appropriate for a woman's body. Women must monitor the state of their kidneys and adrenal glands and the intensity of exercise that they are able to support, which varies from day to day and during the Moon cycle. The kidneys are like batteries - the amount of energy that they supply is not unlimited. As a woman's oestrogen level decreases at menopause she reaches into her kidney power for energy which can easily be depleted. If your exercise regime is too taxing, you will feel hot, burned out and need alot of rest to recuperate. If you feel like this after exercise, wisely adapt your routine to create stimulation, but not exhaustion.

Appropriate exercise is essential because you feel better fast when you move your energy. you can quickly change how you feel emotionally, mentally and physically by doing simple yoga breathing and meditation exercises.

Throughout the kriyas practiced in this retreat, I encourage students to embrace the feminine polarity of their soul, which means training to be in the feeling flow of the energy of emotions. It's vital to get to know, befriend and love your feelings and emotional body, not supress them.

You begin by:

  1. Cultivating the feeling, shifting energy with breathing, rhythmic exercises and chanting. Shaking the body is a fab way to do this.

  2. You then allow the feeling. Between exercises, allow integration and alignment by pausing and paying attention to the energy in the body. Staying present to what you are feeling and letting the energy shift and move on its own. You get out of the way.

  3. And then finally, enjoy the feeling, celebrate the new experiences in your body.


Relieving Elementary Stress (this kriya is available in the video library)


Cuatro Vientos by Estray & Giselle World

God by The Underlying Stars

Saturn by SaQi

Deep Belief by Ecstatic

Har Ji by Mirabai Ceiba

The Embrace by Ashana

Chattr Chakkr meditation by Nirinjan Kaur

Ong by Sajah Singh


May the warmth & vibrancy of Mother Nature fill you with the pleasure of being alive, of being woman, of being one with who you are.

Welcome home.

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