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Set Yourself Free

Why do we feel so ashamed and frightened of our lower chakra energies? Denying the presence of our primal earth element in muladahara, our emotional water element in svadisthana or our raging fire element in manipura, means we are unable to embrace this Mother Force, so it can be elevated and understood.

Another word for these feminine qualities (that exist in man & woman), these alive, flowing energies, alive with emotions, rising and falling, swirling inside us - is Shakti. Shakti is the manifested power of the Mother Source.

When the kundalini energy within us rises, it produces Shakti, which is why you experience change and flow when you regularly practice kundalini yoga. As your Shakti increases, you are able to take action, create, understand and achieve your destiny.

The major problem we face is when a masculine rational approach is applied to managing our emotional energy. The mind loves to use confusion, ignorance and belief systems to keep us attached to fantasises of how we wish things were, persistantly nagging us to get a grip and suppress the emotions. And yet, in order to feel whole, without separation from our Divine spirit, our emotional energy must freely flow, unhindered. This involves acceptance, letting go, surrender, to unblock our fear, anger and sadness. We cannot control emotional energy; it requires a non-control approach to transform it, which means giving up our need to mentally understand this nonverbal subtle energy. Emotions have to be FELT, not mentally understood, not analysed or dissected like a scientific equation. You must become a soft sensory human being, floating in rich awareness, in blissful nothingness, dissolving your hard edges back to Mother Earth. Savasana.

Three steps to transform Shakti to its higher expressions :

  1. Feel it and set it free.

  2. Trust the female polarity of your soul, don't undermine it. This is your heavenly spirit, God-consciousness. Trust that it is taking you where you need to go.

  3. Love, love and love some more. Blame, criticism and judgement all undermine our Shakti power, so watch carefully and stop doing it. Replace with Love.

"When He touches me I clutch the sky's sheets,

the way other

lovers do

the earth's weave of clay.

Any real ecstasy is a sign

you are moving

in the right


don't let any prude tell

you otherwise."

-St Teresa of Avila

Teachings, 14th March 2023

Basic Spinal Energy Series

Stress Relief and Clearing Emotions of the Past

Seven Wave Sat Nam

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