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Relieving our Elementary Stress

Why do we feel stress?

The blame is frequently cast on to our job, family, relationships, the kids, money....

However, the root cause of our anguish and anxiety will never be found outside of ourselves. Whether we face life's challenges head-on or avoid them in fear; experience fulfilment or frustration; struggle through life with stress-induced disease or flow through life in health and harmony, is largely determined by our answer to this one simple question;

who am I?

If your answer is "I don't know", then you don't have a clear sense of your identity and the mind has nothing to orient itself to, which creates insecurity and turmoil. If your mind has no identity, no central place from which to choose and direct all those thoughts, it will jump all over the place. Your identity provides the framework in which to orient the mind and process your thoughts and feelings.

If your answer is "I am me", then you have identified with your ego. Although it will provide some grounding and direction to your life, it will ultimately limit you. The ego is a mental faculty which gives us the illusion that we are separate and unique. Though necessary, our problems with the ego begin when we let it become our identity and we become trapped in its small world and see only as far as its limited horizon of time and space; that is our own lifetime. We become a slave to its futile attempts to control everything.

If your answer is "I am thine", then you have identified your Self, your reality, as your True Identity; the soul that comes from God and goes back to God. The soul is part of the Infinite, wrapped up in this human experience, in this finite, material realm; yet its home is Infinity. The soul is unborn and undying; knows no fear or anger; is eternally calm and at peace. And the souls only desire is to merge back with the One from where it comes. If this is your identity, then you align your mind with your Destiny. The thoughts and feelings you choose to identify with are not always the easy ones or the pretty ones; they may not bring you worldly wealth and fame, or even material comfort, but they will bring you a deep sense of fulfilment and gratitude. And ultimately a lot less stress!

As you practice Kundalini you will find that your soul becomes a larger and larger component within the mix that makes up you. The control your ego once exerted becomes less and less. You will face the same challenges of life, but when you are soul-oriented you will face them with the understanding that they are an opportunity to grow and expand and uplift yourself and those around you, toward your destiny.

Ultimately, when you see life with the eyes of the heart, and not the head, from the window of the soul, and not the ego, there will be far less stress in your life, replaced by a deeper sense of fulfilment, happiness and peace.

Teaching and Kundalini Practice, week commencing 15th August 2023

Kriya: Relieving your Elementary Stress

This simple and joyful kriya helps remove your elementary stress, removing old and built-up stress in the body and mind.

The kriya is available in the video classes library


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You were united with all of humankind within the embrace of a single soul before you were ever given a separate human existence.

"Just how infinite colours blossom from the light of a single sun, call it an atom or an Adam, everything was once one" Aru Barzak

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