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I Am Peace

Albert Einstein said that we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Clarity only comes from clarity.

And yet we insist on listening to the same old stories of our mind, grappling for solutions, while unwittingly clouding the water even further. A murky mind leaves us scrambling in the dark looking for a way out. But let me reassure you that there is a peace and calm far beneath the constant banter most of us listen to all day within our minds. It's the steady flow of the universal life force, of God, of spirit, that wants us to reach our goal if only we can get still enough to merge with it.

Stillness. This is a teaching that goes against everything we have been taught from a young age.

"Work hard"

"Keep going...keep will get there"

"Don't stop. Don't be have to make it happen"

And so we move into adulthood running ourselves ragged, over exerting ourselves in everything that we do in life, from work, home-life, relationships, ultimately resulting in complete exhaustion.

Wu Wei in Taoism translates as "doing nothing". It's a sacred feminine art of trusting the force of life that exists within us all. The divine feminine within us all (man and woman), is a passive, dark, moon energy that flows when we step back. Because of its passive nature, it is deemed as weakness, a deeply misunderstood and undervalued energy, particularly in a world dominated by the divine masculine energy of action, of light and sun. The masculine go-getting energy is highly revered in our business-oriented, rational-minded environment. And that is why it feels difficult to embrace our passive divine feminine energy of "doing nothing", of trust and surrender. Even in yoga practice I see many who are not comfortable in experiencing this aspect of themselves, because it requires a spiritual practice of calming the mind and experiencing the still centre that's at the eye of the storm. Instead of reacting and jumping in every time there is chaos, havoc and drama, we learn to step back, do nothing and wait for the storm to pass.

This is a call for us to be still, to do nothing other than shift our awareness. Come out of the current state of mind we are in before making any moves or decisions. It is a reminder that we only want to take action when what is moving us is the force of love at the heart of everything.

Move with love. Be love.

Love, nothing but love.

Choose a journey into the heart:

27th March - 6th April 2023

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