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Way of Life

What's your way of life? What are your rhythms of daily living? Is it just pure habit, based on how your parents lived and how you grew up? Is the time you wake up in the morning dictated by when you need to get to work? Do you feel healthy and happy most of the time?

I will probably guess that most of us swing up and down from feeling amazing and full of energy, to sinking to the depths of exhaustion and depletion. You may be surprised to hear that this yo-yoing nature of our mood, energy and health can be better regulated. It is in your power, your hands, and the process is very simple and natural.

You need a daily routine. This may sound "boring", "tedious", "unexciting" and rather like something your parents or grandparents would say to get you to revise for those exams, or keep you on the straight and narrow. A daily routine does not mean there can no longer be any adventure or impulsive decision making in your life, it simply means a routine for your body and mind to keep it in harmony with nature's rhythms. We have wandered so far away from the great rhythms and forces of nature - the alternation of day and night, the rhythmic cycle of seasons - that we no longer believe or understand that we are inextricably one with nature, through the plants we eat for food, the water we drink and the air we breathe in common with all beings. The moment we experience this connection again, and regularize our biological clocks, soothing the digestive process, absorption and assimilation of our food, we begin to generate self-esteem, discipline, peace, happiness and a long life!!

Connect with the Rhythm

So what is this routine?

It's a Yogi lifestyle, and one that involves discipline and regularity in sleeping, waking, eating, exercising and meditating.

Waking early, preferably before sunrise, to fit in your personal yoga practice, ideally some stretching, energy awakening postures, breathing techniques and most importantly, some meditation to discipline the mind. You don't need lots of space for this. I practice in the extremely cosy snug of my cottage.

Sheepskin & Meditation Cushion Ready for Practice

My Cosy Cottage Snug

Do not skip breakfast. In fact, establish regular times for your three meals. Try to go to bed by 10pm.

It is through discipline and consistency that we become strong and able to cope with the challenges life throws at us. "Keep up, and you will be kept up" is a famous Yogi Bhajan quote, a definition of commitment, and it works in every aspect of life to establish a vibration of trust, courage and compassion.

I also like this quote by Voltaire that sums up an Ayurvedic lifestyle very well:

"I set more store by a good regimen that maintains my humours in balance and procures me a sound sleep. Drink hot when it freezes, drink cool in the dog days; in everything, neither too much nor too little; digest, sleep, have pleasure, and snap your fingers at the rest of it"

An excellent way to experience the benefits of a consistent yogi lifestyle is to go on retreat.

Take a look at my retreat options for 2019. There are still places available on three of these retreats. This could be the time for you to discover another Way of Life.

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