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Magical Connections

Balance Pilates Studio in Newark

Since practicing Kundalini Yoga my life flows, the pathways are clear and people come into my life, almost like magic, joining me on this journey like long-lost friends.

Philippa is one of these special people, who appeared from seemingly nowhere. I didn't search her out, or try to find Pilates studios. Philippa and I simply connected, because her frequency was vibrating at the same level as mine, and so like a magnet, we were inevitably going to be drawn together.

This boutique, specialised studio instantly resonated with my desire to heal, to bring balance and harmony into people's lives. (it was always going to be a winner with a name like Balance Pilates Studio!)

Kundalini Yoga is one tool for achieving balance, and if you are open and ready to receive its gifts, the results are pretty rapid. It's a yoga of awareness, moving energy, stirring the inner sensory body. In my opinion it cannot be "performed" anywhere. The space, the energetic vibration of the room, the people, needs to feel right, so the healing work can perform its magic. Philippa's clean, airy studio, is intimate, warm and energetically soothing - the perfect space for Kundalini.

I could not believe my luck!

To my delight, I discovered that Balance Studio is so much more than a treatment space for the physical body. Yes, it does an incredible job in correcting and realigning the body (particularly that troublesome lower back!) but Philippa, like me, has a desire to heal and bring wellness & happiness into every aspect of people's lives.

Caring for Mind, Body & Soul is how this can be achieved, which is why Philippa offers fabulous healing therapies, in addition to Pilates, such as Rapid Transformational Therapy (Hypnosis) and Soul Realignment.....and now Kundalini Yoga.

Small, personal, boutique and caring, genuinely loving and caring. This is how I would describe Balance Studio and its gifted and professional healers.

A chance to meet up and discuss a variety of ideas and experiences
Explore, Expand & Engage

It's a truely special place, with a beautiful sense of community that is nurtured and positively encouraged through Explore, Expand & Engage meet-ups - open discussions to uplift and inspire each other on our individual journeys.


Yes, I am so blessed to have met Philippa.

I am also grateful to Kundalini Yoga for opening my heart, raising my vibration and consciousness, allowing me to welcome in the opportunities and reach my greatest potential.

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