Breath of Fire

I often get asked for advice on home practice; how to do it, what to do, how often, where.

I'll send a few simple kriya ideas, and after a few weeks in, gently enquire how they're getting on;

"Not enough time"

"Too difficult on my own. So much easier in class."

"Couldn't get out of bed"

Developing a consistent, regular discipline of yoga practice is not something we have been brought up to do. We'll get up, clean our teeth, shower and re-fuel our body with breakfast. And yet, 20 minutes of yoga and meditation to prepare our body and mind for the day, is a routine deemed unessential.

I admit that waking up a little bit earlier so your body and mind can be cleansed, nurtured and polished is extremely difficult at first. Particularly during the cold, dark winter months.

And so, here's my plan.

I want you to treat your body to a 5 minute Breath of Fire, rather like a hot, exhilarating wake-up shower. And, even better, you don't have to get out of bed to do it. Just wake-up. Sit up straight like a Buddha, and you can even plump up your pillows to help you.

Yoga in Bed!

Five, ten minutes of Breath of Fire is all you will cleanse your lungs and make them strong. You will then be breathing deeply all day, which is what we should strive to achieve for youth, vitality and good health. No shallow breathing please. If you can do this every day, your blood will be purified and you will have oxygen flowing like a mountain river in your bloodstream all day. And you will feel AMAZING!

How to do Breath of Fire

Sit like a yogi, interlace your fingers in your lap.