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Magic & Miracles

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Make 2021 the year for living your Truth, for living your essence and for creating miracles through the magic of your presence.

The short yet powerful kriya, From Negativity to Space of Love, guides you towards holding your space of love so you may become open, aware and awake. And ultimately realise that you are engaged in a miracle called Life.

As with many Kundalini kriyas it involves strong arm work. It's quite incredible that holding up our arms, whether that be above our heads, to the sides or spiraling around in constant movement, proves to be so challenging when we first start practicing Kundalini yoga. I remember the agony so well! I even declared a deep hatred for Kundalini Yoga because of it....

A few years on and my arms float ( the majority of the time) and on those days where discomfort appears I can slide into my neutral mind and feel the burning sensations sink away, back to Mother Earth. A miracle in itself...

The key to the challenges of Kundalini really does rest in your Universal mind, learning to focus on the space, purity, emptiness, neutrality, openness and expansiveness in your mind and heart. Believe me, with practice and regularity, the focus miraculously sweeps through your body and mind, and your uplifted arms suddenly become wings, helping you to fly.

A Kundalini kriya is not a kriya without a frog or two in my opinion. In Negativity to Space of Love you are only asked to do 15. This is doeable.

The Frog is a powerful movement to move the Shakti, feminine flowing creative energy through the body, opening up all channels to allow you to receive the messages you need. Again, I have a love-hate relationship with Frog, having endured 2 minutes of this Kundalini classic a few years ago which left me unable to negotiate stairs or access anything lower than my knees. But once again, perseverance pays and the mention of frog no longer makes me sigh in despair. The key to this one lies in the breath, a deep inhale through both nostrils to draw in the life force energy from Mother Earth, up through your toes to the buttocks, before exhaling the breath down as you contract back to Earth again. It's called the rebound effect. When you visualise Mother Earth pushing your bum up in the air, almost whispering to you to keep going, 15 Frogs suddenly feels fun, easy, like a wheel gathering its natural momentum.

If you feel the urge to give this kriya a go, it can be found in my video class collection under the title Magic & Miracles -

Take a look at the trailer for this video here:

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