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What we offer:

Yoga Classes

Kundalini Yoga

Hatha Yoga


10 day retreats in Sri Lanka


Private Ayurvedic consultation


Occasional 2 hour

in-depth themed practice


Bodywork therapy

in warm water

What our customers say:

That was such a wonderful class. Best one yet in terms of the experience via a screen......I feel great. I feel tingly. Thank you. Thank you.


Really enjoyed Wednesday nights session. It was the first time I've slept through the night for 13 years!!!....now that's amazing - thank you.


Lovely Louise's Kundalini Yoga has quickly become a special part of my weekly routine. It is an hour of candlelit luxury that grounds me and gets me ready to tackle what awaits in the big wide world. Always challenging, never the same but always a lovely blissed out floaty feeling when I leave. Totally recommend. 


Zoom Yoga Classes with Louise Luiggi

Highly recommend Ranjan's yoga. Such a phenomenal experience & investment in myself.....through Louise & Ranjan's carefully crafted programme it worked its magic. So much love and gratitude for you both.


Ranjan's Yoga & Ayurvedic Treatments thoroughly rewired body and soul. Louise & Ranjan are the healing dream team!


Meet the team:

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